About Me

Hey y'all!
This is Anna, and this blog is about me and my love for crocheting and DIY crafts. I love God, and He is the greatest person in my life. I am super excited to share all of my crochet projects with this blog, and I hope you will enjoy my journey through it.

some random facts about me:
1. My favourite colours are black and gold. I like them separately and together. 
2. I can write and read Korean, and I can understand and speak a little bit of it. :P 
3. I started knitting when I was eight years old, and I started crocheting when I was 9 years old. 
4. I have been playing piano for the past 10 years; however, I am not very good because I never practiced much until a couple years ago. 
5. My favourite book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. 
6. My favourite TV shows as a kid were Sesame Street, Teletubbies, The Wiggles, The Doodlebops, and Veggie Tales. 
7. I don't watch TV anymore because my TV has been broken for the past 3 years. :P
8. I love to spend time with my family because they are my best friends.
9. One of my biggest guilty pleasures are Broadway musicals. I want to try singing in a musical someday. 

Please comment or email me about my posts, or if you want to just say hi! I hope you enjoy my blog!


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