Saturday, March 26, 2016

Paris Trip

Here's a video of my trip to Paris with my family:


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Daiso Haul 2

I recently went to Daiso and bought some goodies for myself and kids at my church.
 I first bought this peach coloured washi tape with white polka dots. I love washi tape and buying washi tape at Daiso is cheaper than buying it from Michaels or Joanns.
 I bought these glitter, fruit-scented gel pens for two girls at my church.
 If you remember from my previous Daiso haul, I bought 토끼 post its. This time, I bought panda and Little Red Riding Hood post its.
 Next, I bought a packet of kawaii envelopes as I was running low of the ones that I had at home.
 I bought 3 stationery sets for 3 girls at my church. They are learning to write, and I thought they would like to practice writing with these.
Finally, I bought 사탕 for the kids at my church.

I hope you liked reading this post. Happy crocheting and crafting!